Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Time’s you just have to get Dirty

Not too long ago I got a call from a lawyer in Ky. asking me to go to Hollywood park to photograph a race horse that had come up lame, and that the new owner wasn’t aware of this at the time of sale. Now if you have never been under a racehorse that is worth 1.5 million dollars I can tell you it’s quite an experience.  The vet was called in and he operated a portable x-ray so he could diagnose the images on the spot, my job was to document it so they could prove it was the right horse, also not shown in the photos (to keep the horse anonymous) they are tattooed on the inside of the upper lip for identification. The vet assured me that the horse will not be put down but put out to stud and should have a very happy life. Oh by the way it was very cold and raining that day and I got soaked (I added the shadows for effect)


Lisa Gilliam said...

Oh, that horse must’ve cost a lot! No wonder you should keep the photos private… How did the treatment go? I hope the horse is fine and now living together with its new owner… Your job is quite remarkable, btw, because you get to experience unique things like this along the way. Good luck with your career! :D

Bob Young Photography said...

The horse is living a wonderful life back in kentucky out to stud