Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ryan & Joy are Tying the Knot

Ryan and Joy have booked us and we are shooting their Wedding this coming April 09 at the California Yacht club. to say that we are over JOYed is an understatement as she is a JOY to work with (pun's intended) Ryan's not bad either !! in fact he is quite the gentleman and a JOY to be around. We had the pleasure to go to Palos Verde's to shoot their engagement photo and had a great time, a fabulous Sunset and we even got to see Whales pass by. What could be better than that.

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Joy said...

After researching different photographers, I quickly discovered Bob Young is hands down the best and only choice! Bob is fun, fabulous and focused. He makes the wedding photography process an easy one; he is always personable and highly professional. Bob is flexible and works until he gets the perfect picture. He is an expert at his craft and shares the details of his work from the planning stages to photo finishing. Prompt and quick to respond to requests!!