Sunday, April 11, 2010

Father & Son

 Working with children can sometimes be
 hazardous to your career, But you have a
 job to do, I thought that this image just
shows you what goes thru a child's mind

                                                      Now that's better

Dan Friedman President and CEO Clearvision Technolgies is an Electronic Report Card web site for School reports

Getting the Job Done

FCI Trust Anaheim. California

Some of the greatest jobs we get as photographers are working with great people. Michael Griffith, owner of FCI Trust is one of those people. At the end of the day (if you do a great job) you get to call them friends. It starts with a conversation on the phone asking them what their requirements are and then explaining just how we can achieve it, working with busy client’s means having to shoot on location, so you have to be prepared to pack up you equipment and set up in their office without disturbing their daily life, here you can see that I used an assistant as to where the shot will take place and adjust lights ready for the client to step in with the minimum amount of fuss (client in the background).

Stand in while adjusting lights

President & CEO

Michael W Griffith