Thursday, May 13, 2010

PPLAC, Get together

PPLAC’s added bonus of a once a month GTG (Get ToGether) hosted at my studio was for the third time in row a big success, along with me was Marcia Gold (a wiz at Photoshop) and we have been holding these meetings sharing tips, showing new equipment and answering questions to further our knowledge needed to run a successful photographic business. Last night our meeting featured the new versions of CS5, (with Marcia at the helm) and me showing Lightroom 3 beta 2, along with a new gizmo that got everyone’s attention was the new Spider Camera Holster which, if you shoot 2 camera’s on a job is a real piece of equipment you have to check out. Just for fun we had Sharon Lobel pose with it on (she’s better looking than me) I have to thank Rae DeVito for shooting the candid’s last night. What a night !!!!!

                                                 Sharon showing off the new Spider

and a good time was had by all.!!!!!!!