Sunday, July 14, 2013

Milky Way

Well it's that time of year again when I get the urge to go shoot something........ I want to stay away from the desert heat so I am headed back up the mountain to Bristlecone Pines at 11,500ft where it should be a lot cooler to shoot the Milky way, this is one of the shots I did on the way down from the top that I shot at the beginning of this year, taken from the camp site. 
I am taking some of my well deserved PPLAC board members with me to this location, so this should be a great experience if all goes well, that they will not forget

Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Time’s you just have to get Dirty

Not too long ago I got a call from a lawyer in Ky. asking me to go to Hollywood park to photograph a race horse that had come up lame, and that the new owner wasn’t aware of this at the time of sale. Now if you have never been under a racehorse that is worth 1.5 million dollars I can tell you it’s quite an experience.  The vet was called in and he operated a portable x-ray so he could diagnose the images on the spot, my job was to document it so they could prove it was the right horse, also not shown in the photos (to keep the horse anonymous) they are tattooed on the inside of the upper lip for identification. The vet assured me that the horse will not be put down but put out to stud and should have a very happy life. Oh by the way it was very cold and raining that day and I got soaked (I added the shadows for effect)

A Day at the State Fair

There’s nothing more satisfying than going to a state fair, ordering a beer and watching the horse’s race. The other thing is, schlepping your camera and taking photos of them for fun. My wife and I do just that, and I must honestly admit what a thrill it is to see those magnificent beasts doing what they are trained to do (the horse’s, that is) I have always been fascinated with them.  Many years ago I had the pleasure of renting one for the day in France, the stable owner asked me if I knew how to ride (now what can be so difficult about riding a horse I thought) “Sure” I replied . Well let me tell you, it’s like riding a bike down a steep hill with no handlebars or brakes, so from that day on, I just enjoy watching them in awe.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

PPLAC, Get together

PPLAC’s added bonus of a once a month GTG (Get ToGether) hosted at my studio was for the third time in row a big success, along with me was Marcia Gold (a wiz at Photoshop) and we have been holding these meetings sharing tips, showing new equipment and answering questions to further our knowledge needed to run a successful photographic business. Last night our meeting featured the new versions of CS5, (with Marcia at the helm) and me showing Lightroom 3 beta 2, along with a new gizmo that got everyone’s attention was the new Spider Camera Holster which, if you shoot 2 camera’s on a job is a real piece of equipment you have to check out. Just for fun we had Sharon Lobel pose with it on (she’s better looking than me) I have to thank Rae DeVito for shooting the candid’s last night. What a night !!!!!

                                                 Sharon showing off the new Spider

and a good time was had by all.!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Father & Son

 Working with children can sometimes be
 hazardous to your career, But you have a
 job to do, I thought that this image just
shows you what goes thru a child's mind

                                                      Now that's better

Dan Friedman President and CEO Clearvision Technolgies is an Electronic Report Card web site for School reports

Getting the Job Done

FCI Trust Anaheim. California

Some of the greatest jobs we get as photographers are working with great people. Michael Griffith, owner of FCI Trust is one of those people. At the end of the day (if you do a great job) you get to call them friends. It starts with a conversation on the phone asking them what their requirements are and then explaining just how we can achieve it, working with busy client’s means having to shoot on location, so you have to be prepared to pack up you equipment and set up in their office without disturbing their daily life, here you can see that I used an assistant as to where the shot will take place and adjust lights ready for the client to step in with the minimum amount of fuss (client in the background).

Stand in while adjusting lights

President & CEO

Michael W Griffith

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ryan & Joy Tied the knot

Well it’s official, Ryan & Joy did it, but they did it in style at the California Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey Ca.The day started out getting ready at new “Custom Hotel” in Westchester near LAX, and then on to the fabulous CYC in the Marina.We were greeted by the Funny and Charming Lorri Wressell who is the Director of the catering Office there. She informed me that we would be in the good hands of Carol and Annette of “Simply Natural Events” and a great team they are. The day went without a hitch and the weather was just fantastic, but then what would you expect being in the Marina with the gentle breeze and the soothing sound of the cables hitting the sailboat masts. Congratulation to you both.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One of the reasons "Why I Love My Job"

A number of years ago I got a call from a Jen & Christian saying that they would be getting married real soon. Since I had shot her Parent's wedding, she would love it if I would shoot hers. Unfortunately I wasn't available, as I usually get booked a year in advance. Understandably, she was very disappointed. However, she asked if I could at least do their engagement photo, which we did on the beach.
Then not to long I get another call asking me if I would create a pregnancy portrait, how can one refuse. They Loved it.

Then not to long later comes another call. Well by now you get the Picture

And the Story continues

Thank you Jenn & Christian for allowing me to be a part of you Lifes

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ryan & Joy are Tying the Knot

Ryan and Joy have booked us and we are shooting their Wedding this coming April 09 at the California Yacht club. to say that we are over JOYed is an understatement as she is a JOY to work with (pun's intended) Ryan's not bad either !! in fact he is quite the gentleman and a JOY to be around. We had the pleasure to go to Palos Verde's to shoot their engagement photo and had a great time, a fabulous Sunset and we even got to see Whales pass by. What could be better than that.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My trip to Trona

In between shoots I often find the need to recharge my creativity so  I find that a drive into the local desert can do just that.  Last November I said to my (loverly Wife and best friend) that I am going to Trona just east of Ridgecrest. She said you can go alone as that place is scary, (I guess I shouldn't of mentioned Charlie Manson used to hang around there)  Wow, what a place, the feeling of loneliness is overwhelming.  Since that time I have been there a few times more as the place is just that good, when you get there you look around and all you see are pinnacles and you say to your self "gosh this place is boring until you really stop and take a second look.  I have a few more images that I will post that are just as good if not better.  I am planning another trip the soon, want to tag along,  just get in touch and lets arrange it.